Version 5.3 Release Notes | Titan CMS 

Release Date: May 15, 2010

New Workstation Productivity Features

Multiple File Upload - Titan CMS uploads multiple files into the Document Management system from one screen. Select the directory containing images, documents, etc, then select all files you wish to upload.  The files are then automatically processed and uploaded to the server.  This enhancement makes added many files much simpler to accomplish than previous versions.

Pagination of Workstation Items - In addition to search-as-you-type filtering of content items, Titan CMS Browse Views are now also paginated. This is perfect for long lists of Events and Files. The page size limit is easily configured through a global parameter.

Sticky Tabs - Version 5.3 includes the re-birth of an old Titan CMS feature called Sticky Tabs. Content Authors and Editors now have the option to lock the current Item Action tab so it becomes active first when switching between content items. Optimize your efforts by keeping the same tab up when you switch to a new content item.

Tag and Attribute Renaming - If you've misspelled the name of a Tag or attribute even once, you know that it is about dang time that became easier to resolve. This release includes an easy way to rename existing tags and attributes so you don't have to lose precious time creating new tags ans reselecting them on your content.

Titan User Bulk Emailer - This release of Titan also includes a simple bulk email tool that allows user managers to select any number of TitanCMS user accounts in User Managment and send off an email if they have an email address assigned.


New Site Content Features

Calendar Event Date Styling

Filter Block Banners

Page-specific Fav Icons

Bugs Fixed from v5.2

Issue: Working with large user and/or document sets fails with SQL timeout error requiring a browser refresh.
Resolution: Optimized SQL calls to reduce impact of large XML document sets.

Issue: Usage counts reporting during block, page layout and commenting template deletes include recycle bin.
Resolution: Usage counts reported during the above deletes do not include recycle bin.

Issue: Tag with no attributes can cause blocks that work with tags to not load.
Resolution: Tag-enabled blocks correctly load even when a Tag exists with no attributes.

Issue: Password with angle brackets (<, >) can be trapped by .Net and fail to validate.
Resolution: Password reset operations now correctly validate passwords with angle brackets (<, >).

Issue: In admin workstation, PreMetatags populate into the PostMetatag edit control.
Resolution: Admin Workstation now correctly loads PostMetatag data in proper control.

Issue: Presetting tags in filter blocks fails.
Resolution: Presetting tags in filter blocks is now stored correctly and applied to filter results.

Issue: Browse filtering fails in recycle bin; deletes can generate error on reload.
Resolution: Browse filtering now works in recycle bin; deletes no longer generate error on reload.

Issue: Refresh Site State using max SSL state not SSL state for current site.
Resolution: Refresh Site State now uses SSL setting for each specific site.

Issue: Application Block not working for all cases of .Net control.
Resolution: Application Block now loads local .Net User Controls during correct .Net Page event.

Issue: Linked Page cannot select file item (PrimarySite.Master missing link to FilePicker2.js).
Resolution: Linked Page can now select file items.