CMS-502 – Developer: Application Integration, External User Authentication

Designed for programmers with working knowledge of .Net C#, XHTML, XSLT and CSS. Our technical trainers will show you how to integrate the Titan Test Harness into Visual Studio and begin using the Titan API. We will cover how to build applications for use by the Application Block and link them into Titan. We will also cover the various methods used by Titan for authentication, including Activice Directory / LDAP integration, integrated authentication, and federated token authentication. Class size is limited to four people and is less structured than other classes so we can adapt to the technical levels of the participants. 


  • Thorough understanding of Titan CMS basics
  • Working knowledge of .Net C#, XHTML, and XSLT 
  • Experience with HTML and CSS
  • CMS-101 or equivalent 

Duration: 1 day
Cost: $1,500 per student

Classes are scheduled upon request.

Classes are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Northwoods Web Solutions.

Contact Us for any questions or for more information.



Have questions about Titan CMS? Contact us or give us a call at 414.914.9102

Northwoods Web Solutions
1572 E Capitol Drive
Shorewood, WI 53211

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