Titan CMS Customers

The quality of Titan CMS is best reflected by the quality of our client partners who use Titan CMS.  They have made the safe choice by selecting a world-class enterprise content management system for a wide variety of solutions.  From Intranets, portals, extranets, mobile apps and public websites, our family of long-standing client partners trust Titan CMS to provide quality solutions, regardless of how large or small.

Titan CMS provides The Wisconsin Dells Visitor & Convention Bureau a robust platform to manage extranet sites for their members and SEO capabilities to support their search strategies so that families can find their site and plan vacations.

ManpowerGroup’s Experis brand uses Titan CMS to provide job candidates across North America in 3 languages integrated access to their talent management tracking system and shares open positions with Monster.com and Career Builder.

Snap-on built a knowledge base of diagnostic platform information on Titan CMS, providing customers multiple ways to obtain answers to their installation and troubleshooting questions.

MCW uses Titan CMS to integrate with internal human resources data to feed physician data to support an Online Physician Directory that can support specialists, primary care doctors and staff in their search for MCW health care providers.

Titan CMS provides the United Way in Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha County the ability to easily update and manage success stories and content to build awareness around their value to the communities they serve.

The YMCA of Greater Waukesha County integrates their third-party program registration system with Titan CMS, which with an improved user experience provides streamlined program selection and sign-up.

Milwaukee Public Schools taps Titan CMS for a variety of necessary functions, including ADA compliant, multilingual  web content, integrations with multiple third-party enterprise applications.

Harris Associates as well as their Oakmark Funds website rely on Titan CMS to integrate with third-party data feeds to update fund performance statistics to their clients, thus automating an otherwise tedious, manual process.

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin uses Titan CMS to quickly develop microsites to educate and counsel families on best practices, advice and guidance to help keep children safe and healthy.

Pactiv, the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of food packaging and foodservice products, retired their ineffective and expensive CMS in favor of Titan CMS and its powerful faceted search capabilities so users can find what they need, as well as so much more.

There are a variety of ways to leverage the powerful search and filtering capabilities of Titan CMS. The City of Milwaukee provides an enormous amount of content regarding their services, and Titan CMS is the perfect enterprise platform with powerful search.

Titan CMS consumes a vast amount of product data from a custom Product Information Manager (PIM), built by Northwoods Web Solutions that is fed by their ERP system to display on their website, which is used by healthcare and transportation facilities to look for their products.


Server uses Titan CMS to provide a rich, online catalog experience with data fed from their ERP system and a shopping cart that allows dealers to receive orders directly from their customers, combining form and functionality yielding an elegant solution.

The National Fluid Power Association uses the Titan CMS platform to provide its members  with data manipulation and visualization tools for  key industry and economic statistics.

Penta Technologies uses the powerful SEO capabilities of Titan CMS to improve their search engine ranking performance, as well as integrate Pardot forms on critical landings pages users are driven to on search engines.

Dispense-Rite required a CMS that could flawlessly import product data to support their online catalog, as well as provide a proximity-based distributor locator. Titan CMS is their solution.

Heartland Advisors

Heartland Advisors turned to Titan CMS to import daily performance metrics for their portfolio of mutual funds, ensuring that individual and institutional investors always have the latest information available on any device.

HED uses Titan CMS to manage their public website as well as a password-protected extranet containing specifications and documents for selected audiences.

LDI Industries leverages Titan CMS and its structured content and data management capabilities to provide an adapter configuration tool to assist their engineers in the field select the right adapter on-demand  for various applications.

Hydrite Chemical Company leverages Titan CMS to provide a faceted search across their moderately sized product database, and the SEO features of Titan CMS to support their online lead generation efforts.

Gehl Foods wanted to bring all of their web properties together and ensure a flawless eCommerce experience. By leveraging Titan CMS' product data site functionality, they deliver a user experience that supports their branding and sales goals.

Godfrey & Kahn uses Titan CMS to manage a vast amount of data pertaining to their Attorneys, Practice Areas and their thought-leadership blogs, providing users powerful filtering and search capabilities.

Children's Community Health Plan

Children's Community Health Plan takes full advantage of the data management and ERP integration capabilities of Titan CMS to provide thousands of consumers the ability to locate a doctor in over 3,000 locations.

Nercon Conveyors used Titan CMS to make their product pages more organized, to incorporate their updated brand design and to make their website responsive for mobile devices.

Nordco uses Titan CMS to provide access to 15,000 SKU’s online, a used equipment portal for sales and rental equipment, an extranet for product resources and web content in English, Spanish and French.


U-Mark taps the powerful filtering capabilities of Titan CMS to present rich product data, photography and video quickly and efficiently to their customers.

The School Sisters of St. Francis integrated Titan CMS with Blackbaud to accept donations to further their global mission, and to manage an extranet used by sisters around the world.

The Ward Irish Music Archives uses Titan CMS to display over 5,000 pieces of Irish and Irish-American themed sheet music by integrating with museum software PastPerfect.

Titan CMS contains cost-effective, mobile friendly templates that can be deployed quickly and effortlessly.  Jo’s Learning Academy now has a great tool for attracting new families.

The largest Irish-American festival in the U.S. uses the filtering capabilities of Titan CMS to communicate where and when 80-plus artists are performing, as well as sell tickets by integrating Titan CMS with Eventbrite.

Tapping into the robust SEO features of Titan CMS, Three Pillars can now more effectively manage content and metadata to improve SEO as target audiences look for information regarding Senior Living Communities.

Milwaukee Montessori leverages Titan CMS to provide robust calendar and form functions, and taps into the air-tight security of Titan CMS to provide a state-of-the-art and secure family portal.

Grace Matthews required a modern look on a platform that could also provide secure micro-portals for their regular customers.  Titan CMS provides multiple secure sites for discreet information exchange with their regular clients.

Titan CMS allows organizations such as Curative Care who have re-branded to easily manage their messaging content across the site on-demand, and to continuously update their content as they continue to grow.

Titan CMS allows companies like Premier Title to update and manage content to support their growing customer base. There is no need to understand website code to build, edit and maintain quality content and information for your customers.