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Actions Button Menu

The Actions Button Menu contains a variety of actions you can take when page(s), file(s) or data item(s) are selected. actions button menu

Icon Title Description

 actions button menu

Actions Button Menu

Used to take action on a file, page or data item.

edit icon


Opens the item so you can make changes.

 jump in tree icon

Jump in Tree

Takes you to the item’s location in the Navigation Tree.

 open live version icon

Open Live Version

Opens the item on your display site.

copy icon


Used to copy a page or file to a different location.

 move icon


Used to move a page or file to a different location.

delete icon


Allows you to delete the page, event, file, etc. that has been highlighted in the Workstation Tree. Deleted items go into the Recycle Bin where they can be restored. Items deleted from the Recycle Bin are permanently deleted.

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