The Scoop on Microsoft Azure Cloud

The Scoop on Microsoft Azure Cloud

When I first heard of cloud computing, I immediately pictured clouds in the sky.

But what sort of clouds? Personally, I favor cumulonimbus, those big, thrilling clouds that bring the storms. Cirrus – light and lofty, perfect for a day outdoors – also came to mind.  But I never pictured a big, white, fluffy computer drifting across the sky.

Cloud computing turned on the idea that data would float in the sky until we needed it and then, summoned by our fingertips, would magically rain down and make our businesses bloom. And somehow, data in the cloud would be safer and more reliable than data in the earthbound hard drives in the computers on our desks.

But don’t clouds constantly change and move? How is a cloud safer? What about lightning? Wouldn’t I be better off ignoring the entire concept of cloud solutions and let it be someone else’s problem? 

Why is it called “the cloud”?

It turns out that the term has nothing to do with the sky, actual clouds or anything above our heads. It came about because of the appearance of network diagrams that represent the infrastructure of the internet. “The cloud” refers to a physical structure somewhere in the world.  The physical structure that serves Northwoods is in Iowa (a nice place, and great for watching stratus clouds float by).

What’s the benefit of using cloud computing?

Limited organizational resources often bind talented people who have smart ideas.  Cloud computing extends to such people a much better chance of getting their ideas into the light of day without a huge upfront investment in hardware and infrastructure. 

Clearly, companies can no longer afford to refuse to leverage what the cloud has to offer.  Every new revolutionary technology (electricity, telephone, car, internet, cell phones, etc.) passed through phases where it was too expensive, too dangerous, too unreliable, etc.  However, they all had convenience in common. They made things easier and let you do things you never imagined to be possible. Cloud computing is one of these things.

Can Northwoods help with hosting?

Northwoods has offered hosting options for a long time. Recently, we moved our company websites to the cloud, specifically to Microsoft’s Azure web hosting. We spent months preparing and became a  Microsoft Azure Partner.

We aim high, to provide our clients with a flexible cloud hosting environment capable of meeting their website’s performance, information storage and delivery, security, compliance and availability requirements, whatever they may be. To hit that target, we dedicated significant internal resources to becoming expert in Azure cloud service. We want to be your go-to Azure resource.

As a Microsoft Partner, Northwoods offers numerous Microsoft Azure-based hosting options.  We leverage Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings in order to provide cloud hosting options both big and small.

Northwoods managed hosting takes the worry out of all of this. We set up, we configure, we maintain, and in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we fix.  We build our hosting environments specifically for Titan CMS to ensure quality and consistency.

Northwoods has your hosting needs covered. So relax. Watch the clouds roll by.

Originally Published: Wed, October 12, 2016