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Titan Express Solutions

Many skills go into creating websites. If these skills are beyond your expertise, website content management tools can be very helpful, making complex tasks easy. Titan CMS is a website content management tool that provides everything you need to build and manage a quality website. Here is a (very) partial list of the tools, services and benefits that come with our Titan CMS Express solutions.

• A Leading Website Content Management System (CMS)
• Professionally Designed Templates
• Design Customizations – Logo, Graphics, etc.
• Content Creation Services (to get you started)
Search Engine Optimization (to get you noticed by Google)
• Google Analytics (to monitor traffic)
• Help Desk Support (to answer your questions)
Training Classes
• Titan Users Group (Titan users who meet to share ideas and solutions)
• Ongoing Education in Web Best Practices (so you can get better at web stuff)
• A 40-Person Strong Web Development, Design and Marketing Company that will be there as you grow


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Is Express Edition Right For You?

Titan CMS is available in four editions – Express, Professional, Corporate and Enterprise. The Express edition is designed for starter / basic websites. It is ideal for small businesses, churches, schools, and small non-profits. Corporate clients who wish to try Titan before committing to a full license can also use Express. (Note: There are also two ways to try Titan for free.)

Titan Express edition is identical to all other editions, and is limited only in the number of pages managed and the users who can login. Visit Titan CMS Features for more information about the benefits of a content management system.


How is Titan Different?

You may have seen ads for “Websites -- only $10 / month!” Comparing Titan to these packages is like comparing a bicycle to a car. They’re not the same! A bike will save you money and take you short distances, but a car will go further and faster, keep you dry when it rains, and lets you bring your family along.

Cheap websites packages do not offer design flexibility, design assistance, training, help desk support, robust security, or a future growth path. Titan solutions offer all of the above. Cheap websites are dead ends. If your needs grow you will have to start all over again with a different tool. There is no dead end with Titan. It has been used for the modest needs of small businesses and the complex demands of Fortune 500 corporations. (Check our references!) As your business grows you will need website content management features like security, workflow, tagging and filtering of content, version control, rollback, search, document management, and more. With Titan, you’re all set.

Titan Express Options


  Express 200 Express 400   Express 600

 Service and Features


 Intall, Setup, DNS and Launch Support      
 Template Library      
 Sitemap, Navigation and Site Architecture  4 hours  6 hours  8 hours
 Design Customizations - Logo, Graphics and Templates 8 hours  10 hours  12 hours
 Content Creation "Head Start"  16 hours  24 hours  32 hours
 Titan Training Classes at our Training Center  Titan 101  Titan 101  Titan 101, 102
 Helpdesk Support   10 Incidents   15 Incidents   20 Incidents
 Titan "Point Release" Updates Installed  1  1  1

Average Time to Launch Website

  2 weeks   3 weeks   4 weeks
Google Analytics and Sitemap Setup      

Additional Benefits

 Content Optimized for Search Engines      
 Online Video Training Library       
 Web Learning Workshops at Northwoods      
 Titan User Group (TUG) Membership      
 Titan Online Community Support      


Titan Edition Express 200 Express 400 Express 600
Bandwidth per Month 50 GB 50 GB 50 GB
Disk Space 5 GB 5 GB 5 GB
Pages, Files, Data, Items, Images 200 400 600
Websites 1 2 3
Users Who Can Log-in 5 10 15
Visitors to Your Site Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited


Solution Price $8,750 $11,250 $14,000
Hosting (Economy Package) $99/month $99/month $99/month

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