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Northwoods is justifiably proud of the work we have done for our Titan CMS clients, in a broad spectrum of business. This portfolio contains many interesting and usable sites on the Web today.

Northwoods Creative and Titan CMS

Web Design & Development

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We combine form and function not only to bring your brand to life, but to achieve your business objectives.

Information Architecture

The science and art of creating an intuitive method or organizing your content and enabling you and your audience to complete their objectives.

Usability and SEO

We can conduct studies on your site, software, and designs to determine how easy it is to comprehend and use them. In fact, we regularly give seminars on the subject.

Multimedia Development

We have prowess in the development of advanced Macromedia Flash applications for web, software, CD-ROMs, and other multimedia applications/mediums.







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Titan CMS Clients

A great website is more than pretty pictures. See what we've been up to and take a look at our Northwoods Creative Services Portfolio of Titan CMS clients.

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Case Studies

When you want to achieve a goal for you and your company in the daunting digital arena, we like to get down into the thick of it and help you to succeed.

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Design Gallery

View a showcase of a few of our favorite designs. These designs are visually stunning, and offer great usability and IA (information architecture). Examples of most Titan CMS blocks can be found on these sites.

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Titan CMS Classification and Tagging allows you to filter pages, documents, and other data, and display them on a page.


Workflow and Page History with Rollback allows managers to delegate day-to-day content management while still controlling final approval.