Welcome to the Northwooods Intranet Survey. 
We appreciate you visiting our site to complete this short 6 question Survey. 
Please feel free to extend to others in your organization.
Thank you.
Evan Nicoud
Research Manager
Northwoods Software

To record your responses, either type your answer in the space provided or select the box or boxes that correspond to your answer choice.

1. Do you currently have an Intranet?

Don’t have one and don’t plan on having one soon
Don’t have one but are planning to have one
Yes we have one and it does a great job
Yes we have one and it needs a major revision
Other  – please specify 

2. The primary value of an Intranet is to:

Find information/documents
Find people within the organization
Provide single sign-in to software applications
Reporting from existing databases/software systems (ie ERP system)
Other – please specify  

3. We have an Intranet and these people keep it up to date:

 No one which is why it is not up to date
 I.T. staff
 Business units using non-technical authors/editors
 Outside vendor
 Other – please specify
 N/A we don’t have an Intranet

4. We have an Intranet and we built it using:

Static HTML pages
Content Management System - Product 
Integration into existing databases and systems 
Other – please specify
N/A we don’t have an Intranet

5. We have an intranet and we face the following challenges:

Search across the intranet 
Personalization or targeted content 
Keeping it fresh and current 
Getting people to use it
Other – please specify
N/A we don’t have an Intranet

6. What Web 2.0 technologies do you find interesting for an intranet:

RSS feeds
Blogs and social networking
Video and Podcasting
Interactive learning
What are we missing