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v5.3 New Features

Video: Multi-File Uploads

Multi-file Uploads

Video Length: 1:27
Save time by uploading multiple files at one time

Video: Latest Links

Latest Links

Video Length: 1:44
Recently used links are archived for easy access

Video: Page Linking

Page Linking

Video Length: 1:28
Allow editors to log-in and edit content directly from the display side

Video: Paging


Video Length: 1:14
The new paging feature simplifies the browse view

Video: Rename Tags

Rename Tags

Video Length: 1:58
Easily rename existing tags and attributes

Video: Sticky Tabs

Sticky Tabs

Video Length: 2:08
Eliminate extra steps with this shortcut to jump directly to desired edit tabs

Video: Filter Block Exclusions

Filter Block Exclusions

Video Length: 1:20
Use the Filter Block Exclusion feature to reomove specified documents from search results



v5.4 New Features

Video: Enhanced Calendaring

Enhanced Calendaring

Video Length: 1:56
Enhance your event and calendar items with new display and filter options

Video: Enhanced Filtering

Enhanced Filtering

Video Length: 3:36
New Filter Block features increase usability and interactivity for the user

Video: Product Block Overview

Product Block Overview

Video Length: 2:12
Explore new features such as filter, sort and product listing options and comments/ratings

Video: Add Products and Tags

Add Products and Tags

Video Length: 3:39
Easily add images, content and tags to new products


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