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Filter Blocks Support Advanced Website Features


The Titan CMS Filter Block is a powerful tool for creating elegant user interfaces with the use of Tags and Classifications.  By properly classifying your website content in a Filter Block you can:

  • Manage your website content in a long list that is easily scanned as sortable presentations
  • Allow your website visitors to select tags and either broaden or narrow the list until they find what they are looking for

Titan Users have put the Filter Block to good use to create a variety of website features including product catalogs, dealer finders, document libraries and much more.  If you are not familiar with the Filter Block view this 2 minute overview.

The Filter Block is included with all Titan CMS installs but it  usually requires some initial consulting and training to be successful.  Can the filter block help you? Look at the following examples and if you would like to explore the use of a Filter Block on your website contact us and we can dicuss a consultation.  


Knowledge libraries


Experis Document Library

Experis, a division of Manpower, uses the filter block to present documents categorized with a flexible series of tags that can be managed with the Titan CMS workstation.

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Server Products

Server Products has a long list of document types from MSDS sheets to CAD drawings to videos. The Filter Block manages all of the assets in one place while presenting a far superior user experience than the typical "search box" found on many websites.

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Professional Portfolios


American Appraisal

American Appraisal needs to present a large group of professionals and categorize them by Services, Industries and Regions. The Filter Block manages the Tags and Categories to make this interface easy to maintain.

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Product Catalogs


Hydro Electronic Devices

The most popular use of the Filter Block is the creation of an online catalog based on categories.  Hydro Electronic Devices presents their product line based on technical attributes that an engineer would use when specifying a solution.


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Nercon was able to build an online catalog that offers advanced filtering to allow users to build a solution with their products online. This means of suggestive sorting is especially important in product selection because users can be unsure of what they attributes might be required to specify a product.

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Server Products

Server Products has built a product catalog that uses a data import from their ERP system. Key product data like pricing and Sku # come from the ERP while product description, product images and SEO data can be maintained in Titan CMS.

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"Find A" Tools, such as - Find A Doctor, Find A Dealer, Find A Provider


BizStarts Milwaukee

Another common use of the Filter Block is online "finders" such as this Provider Finder used by BizStarts Milwaukee. This method of suggestive sorting is especially important in “Finders” because users can struggle to articulate what they are actually looking for.

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Server Products

Presenting the correct Representative to a website visitor is very important to Server Products as they drive new sales leads to their dealer network.  The Filter Block allows for easy maintenance of the information necessary to support this online tool.

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Calendars and Schedules By Topic


Wisconsin Entrepreneur's Network

Wisconsin Entrepreneur's Network presents one statewide calendar which allows website users to find the appropriate training sessions based on their location and learning tropic.

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Irishfest's website provides one comprehensive calendar allowing website visitors to search by date, stage or music genre.

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