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Version 4.8 Release Notes

Release Date: February 19, 2009

Image Management

Image Management enables Titan CMS users to:

  • Crop, Resize, and Rotate images within the Titan CMS interface
  • Auto-creation of web-ready image sizes (size parameters configured by the Titan administrator)
  • New image browse interface including thumbnails and preview
  • Enhanced Image/File Picker
    • AJAX Searching
    • Include Child folders and files (subtree)
    • Thumbnail view with preview
    • View by Name or URL  

Video: Selecting Web Ready Image Sizes

Video: Cropping an Image in Titan

Video: Editing Multiple Images Simultaneously

Video: Image Browsing and Views

Video: Configuring Different Image Sizes


Browser Support for the Titan Workstation

Firefox 2.0 prevents features in the new Image Management interface and will no longer be maintained as a product very soon. Therefore, Firefox 2.0 is no longer supported for use in the Titan Workstation.

Bug Fixes Corrected in v4.8

Issue: Workstation dialogs intermittently open with an incorrect size and cannot be moved.
Resolution: Wkst dialogs have been improved to open the correct size

Issue: Deleting recycle bin item from tree occasionally generates an error
Resolution: Corrected deletion of items from the recycle bin

Issue: PQL (Dashboard Panel) errors out with duplicate DocIDs if expiring documents have prior versions
Resolution: Issue corrected

Issue: Date columns in browse screens do not sort properly
Resolution: Change date columns to sort properly

Issue: Special characters not allowed in File Upload Block's submit button 
Resolution: Characters are now handled

Issue: Form validation sometimes allow submission with imcomplete captcha information
Resolution: Form validation now catches captcha issues and prompts to resubmit

Issue: Some users were accidentally searching and replacing throughout the entire content management system
Resolution: Advanced Search and Replace now defaults the source selection to none to prevent accidentally searching and replacing throughout the entire CMS