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Version 4.7 Release Notes

Release Date: November 18, 2008

Global Search and Replace

Global Search and Replace enables Titan CMS users to:

  • Search through all content pages, file metadata, and events for terms or phrases, and replace them with new content.
  • Search within HTML content to update link URLs and HTML code (e.g replace an <H2> tag with an <H3> tag).
  • Search metadata fields and Titan properties.


New Block: Event Upload

A new block has been added to Titan CMS to allow site visitors to submit events to the Calendar. With the new block, users can:

  • Customize event entry experience by enabling/disabling various event detail fields
  • Configure event publishing approval for specific event calendars
  • Enable file attachment submission


Block Enhancements

Enhancements to existing blocks include:

  • Calendar block now supports Year as an optional filter view
  • Page Share block now supports the selection of which Block Zone to display
  • Forms Editor blocks can now use Recaptcha for Spam prevention
  • Sort items by rating in TOC and Filter Blocks
  • Search Results block supports showing the number of page views for each result item


Comments & Ratings Enhancements and Integration

The Commenting & Rating capability of Titan CMS has been extended to allow:

  • Sorting by Rating in List-style blocks (TOC, Filter, etc.)
  • Viewing and adding of comments to pages from List-style blocks
  • Analysis of content commenting and rating statistics through new Browse Views in the workstation
  • Presentation of Rating statistics without requiring presentation of comments


Miscellaneous Workstation Enhancements

  • Dashboard widgets in zoom mode support sorting and filtering 
  • Auditing of page load times


Bug Fixes Corrected in v4.7

  • Issue: When uploading a new file version, the UploadDate property does not change when the file name remains the same.
    Resolution: Uploading new versions now correctly updates the UploadDate property
  • Issue: Email notification to owners fails for content items that have versions scheduled to become active after an active expiring document
    Resolution: Email notification fixed to correctly identify content items regardless of version
  • Issue: When using AJAX capable content pages (e.g. with Filter blocks), the Print Page and Email this Page do not represent the visible content presented through AJAX calls.
    Resolution: Page tool functions now follow the content in the main window
  • Issue: Dynamic sitemap.xml content contains links to external websites, which is not allowed by Google Webmaster Tools
    Resolution: External links are now excluded from the sitemap.xml, and page links rendered using the Site Map block will only be listed if the Index Page flag is checked.