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Export/Import a Portion of a Site

One of the major new features of V5.8 is our import and export capability.  This feature is available to webmaster-level users.
Examples of what you can do include:

  • Export the content of an entire website and re-import it into a site on another Titan V5.8 instance.  If you have entered your content in a development or staging environment, this is an easy way to copy content into production.
  • Export a node within the site map (workstation tree).
  • Export a single page.
  • Export one or more file folders of images.
  • Export a data site.

There are two new icons on the top page action bar:  Export and Import.  They become enabled when you click on a portion of the site map.

Export/Import Icons on Titancms Toolbar


Below is an example of exporting a node within the tree.  The export settings will vary based upon what you have selected within the tree.  We have checked the box to indicate that child pages should also be exported.

You can export Tags, Custom Blocks and Commenting & Rating Templates by checking the boxes.  Security & workflow configuration are exported but they are ignored on the import. 

Sample Export Dialog Box

Upon clicking OK, the export process creates a zip file.

Sample Export Zip File Create


To import your file, the first step is to select the place in the tree where you wish to import the node.  Upon clicking the Import button, the following dialog window displays.

In the right column of the Titan Component Installer, click the Upload button.  When the Upload Package window displays, browse to your exported zip file and click Upload.
Upload Package using Titan Component Installer

After the upload completes, the All Components display reflects the addition of your export file.

Titan Component Installer Ready to Import Zip File

Upon clicking Add to Install, Titan pre-processes the import.  In this example, Titan detected URLs that are already present in this Titan instance.  You have a choice to make before proceeding with the install.  We chose to create new URLs.

Warnings Before Installing New Content

Next, we clicked the Go Install tab and checked the two boxes on the right.  We then clicked the Install button.

Ready to Install using Titan Component Installer

The installation completes.  Your workstation tree now includes the imported content.
Viewing the Imported Content from another Titan Site

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