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Usability Testing and SEO

Would you like to send more traffic to your web site without using pay-per-click advertising? Where do you rank in Google search results? Does your competition rank higher than you in organic search results? What keywords are users entering to find your website? Find some answers to these questions and other optimization recommendations by engaging Northwoods SEO consultants.

Northwoods reviews and analyzes your web site

We review and analyze your site using:

  • Your SEO objectives (determined from a one-page survey you fill out)
  • Competitor URLs
  • Desired target pages for improved search engine rankings

During our analysis:

  • Discover your current major search engine rankings and status
  • Analyze your competition, their rankings and keyword usage
  • Compare your competition’s traffic to your traffic, noting differences in behavior patterns
  • Review content on your targeted pages for SEO best practices
  • Determine the current status and quality of external links to your web site’s targeted pages

Your SEO Site Analysis & Recommendations Report

After our review, you will receive a custom Site Report Card comparing your site’s SEO performance to that of your competitors. This report details our findings and explains how we rated your site against 20+ SEO best practices.

Our recommendations will include:

  • Keywords for your targeted pages resulting from extensive analysis using multiple keyword research tools
  • How-to’s on improving your site content, links and page properties
  • Tips for improving and increasing links to your targeted pages
  • Straight-forward directions on how and what to implement