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Nonprofit Website Design

The Special Needs of Nonprofit Web Design

Many things go into creating a nonprofit web design.  All web sites need to be user friendly, easily navigable, as well as using appropriate fonts, colors, and other design elements in order to be effective.  Yet a nonprofit web site also needs to support on-line donations, event registration and email communication and in many occasions on a limited budget.  For this reason we have developed the Titan CMS NonProfit Web Solution.  Our solution includes a website management tool that provides everything you need to build and manage a quality website.  Here is a (very) partial list of the tools, services and benefits that come with every Titan Nonprofit Web Solution.

  • A Leading Content Management System (CMS)
  • Professionally Designed Templates
  • Design Customizations – Logo, Graphics, etc.
  • Content Creation Services (to get you started)
  • Search Engine Optimization (to get you noticed by Google)
  • Google Analytics (to monitor traffic)
  • Help Desk Support (to answer your questions)
  • Training Classes
  • Titan Users Group (Titan users who meet to share ideas and solutions)
  • Ongoing Education in Web Best Practices (so you can get better at web stuff)
  • A 40-Person Web Development, Design and Marketing company that will be there as you grow
  • On-line Donations
  • Event Registration
  • Email Subscription and Broadcast
  • Private Area for Volunteers and Board Members
  • Calendar of Events 


Is the Titan Nonprofit Web Solution right for you?

Titan Nonprofit Web Solution is available in three models depending on your needs - NP 200, NP 400 and NP 600.  These solutions are designed for nonprofit organizations to quickly add website capability at a reasonable price.

Titan Nonprofit Web Solution is built on Titan CMS and is identical to all other editions in functionality, and is limited only in the number of pages managed and the users who can login.


How is Titan Different?

Many low-cost website packages do not offer web design flexibility, web design assistance, training, help desk support, robust security, or a future growth plan.  These websites are dead ends.  If your needs grow you will have to start all over again with a different tool.  There is no dead end with Titan Nonprofit Web Solutions.  It has been used for modest needs of small businesses and nonprofit organizations and the complex demands of Fortune 500 corporations.  As you grow you will need features like security, workflow, tagging and filtering of content, version control, rollback, search, document management, and more.  With Titan, you're all set.


Titan Nonprofit Web Solution

Here is what is included with your investment in a Titan website:


 Solutions Nonprofit 200 Nonprofit 400   Nonprofit 600

 Service and Features


 Hosting (Express Solutions are Northwoods Hosted)      
 Install, Setup, DNS and Launch Support      
 Template Library      
 Design Team Engaged      
 Sitemap, Navigation and Site Architecture Consulting 4 hours  6 hours  8 hours
 Design Personalization - Logo, Graphics, Colors  8 hours  10 hours  12 hours
 Content Services  16 hours  24 hours  32 hours
 Training Classes at our Training Center   Titan 101   Titan 101  Titan 101, 201
 Helpdesk Support  10 Incidents  15 Incidents  20 Incidents

Average Time to Launch Website

  2 weeks   3 weeks   4 weeks
Google Analytics and Sitemap Setup      

Additional Benefits

 Helpdesk Support      
 Content Optimized for Search Engines      
 Online Video Training Library      
 Web Learning Workshops at Northwoods      
 Titan User Group (TUG)      


Nonprofit Web Features

 Online Donations
 Email Sign-up and Management  
 Calendar of Events  
 Online Event Registration    
 Users for Volunteer/Board Area     100


Titan Edition Express 200 Express 400 Express 600
Bandwidth per Month 50 GB 50 GB 50 GB
Disk Space 5 GB 10 GB 15 GB
Pages, Files, Data Items, Photos, Images 200 400 600
Maximum Websites (Note: Same Layout for Each) 1 2 3
Users Who Can Login 5 10 15
Visitors to your Website Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited


Solution Price $9,750 $13,250 $17,000
Hosting (Economy Package) $99/month $99/month $99/month

On-line Donations

The life blood of any nonprofit is fundraising, especially the attraction of new supporters that can be cultivated over time to become major donors.  Titan Nonprofit Solutions includes a donation processing capability at a low per-transaction fee.  More importantly, our page layouts and content services will help you craft a compelling message, drive new supporters and gain their support.  Our comprehensive approach is based on a per-transaction fee and is explained in our Titan Nonprofit Solutions brochure.


Event Registration

Nonprofits conduct events all the time.  Our event registration capability is an easy way to allow your guests and donors to register for an event and pay the necessary fees.  Our comprehensive approach is based on a per-transaction fee.  These fees are explained in our Titan Nonprofit Solutions brochure. 


Email Registration and Broadcast Services                                                            

As a nonprofit, you need to cultivate a relationship with your top volunteers, donors and clients.   Titan Nonprofit Solutions provides a pay-as-you-go capability to accept opt-ins, manage your lists and broadcast emails to specific groups of users.  We also include reporting capability so that you can track who is opening your email, what links they are clicking on, and who opts out.

Cost per email broadcast is $5 dollars plus .01 cent per email address you send to.


Volunteer/Board Area

You may have special groups with whom you want to communicate in a very targeted or private way.  Titan Nonprofit Solutions supports private areas that are accessible with a password and login.  Since the security system is built in, you can easily set up users and issue credentials for logins. 

You can provide a private area for board meeting notes and agenda, committee meetings, volunteer collaboration and more.

Learn More About Titan Nonprofit Solutions


View our complete guide to Titan Nonprofit Solutions.

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Milwaukee Center for Independence

“I can’t thank you enough for all of your help. Patty, you are the best instructor on Earth, and undoubtedly the most patient!”

Nan Bialek

Director of Communications
MCFI Foundation

Next Door Foundation

"When we built the web site for our community-based nonprofit, the staff at Northwoods guided us throughout the process. Their insight into best practices allowed us to optimize our setup. To this day, we use the principles from their trainings and seminars in our site layout and design."


Jesse Weathersby

IT Manager


....see our work with Titan CMS

Park County Community Foundation

"We are a nonprofit with limited staff and resources and the new Titan CMS website has enhanced our ability to provide services to our clients and our community within our budget and staff limits.  I highly recommend this software to other nonprofit organizations for their website needs." 

Patty Kosednar

United Community Center

"You guys at Northwoods are top shelf—helpful in not only assisting but explaining how so I can do it next time. Thanks again."

Jon Waldbauer

Communications Content Coordinator
United Community Center

Robust CMS Features and Ease of Use

Titan CMS helps you create, edit and publish content to your website without making you think too hard.

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