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Manufacturer Website Design


Many things go into creating websites for a Manufacturer.  All web sites need to be user friendly, easily navigable, as well as using appropriate fonts, colors, and other design elements in order to be effective.  Yet a Manufacturer has special needs that most websites fail to address. 

Manufacturers are typically targeting business to business (B2B) selling that is much different from consumer-based marketing.  A B2B website needs to rely more on facts, service capabilities, figures, ROI and product information. 

Furthermore, manufacturers with longstanding customer relationships place a greater burden on a manufacturer to provide a higher level of customer service based on special pricing, specific service levels, etc.

For these reasons we have developed the Titan Manufacturers Website Solution.  Our solution includes a website management tool that provides everything you need to build and manage a quality website and extranet.  Here is a (very) partial list of tools, services and benefits that come with every website.

To learn more, go to our website devoted entirely to manufacturer websites.

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Briggs & Stratton Corporation

"What used to take us many hours or days, such as changing viewing security for a region of the world, now takes a few minutes.  We can also deploy a complete new site from nothing to production in less than a day including pages, images and product information.  We have seen the performance of the software decrease our maintenace time and effort by at least 80%."

Bruce Radcliff

Director, Business Dev. & Customer Education

Howard Company

"Titan CMS has made our website design, productivity and maintenance a breeze." 

Dawn Pankow

Director of Sales and Marketing

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