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Restoring Deleted Content

  • Published: October 30, 2008
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  • Version: 1

When an author or editor deletes a content item from their Titan CMS website, the item (content page, file or event) is moved into that website's folder within the Titan CMS Recycle Bin. This article provides background into how the Recycle Bin maintains discarded content, and explains how to restore content from the Recycle Bin.


The Titan CMS Recycle Bin works much like your operating system's Recycle Bin, collecting the items that you have deleted and allowing you to restore those items to their original locations before permanently removing them from the system.

Expanding the Recycle Bin node in the Web Content Management module of the Titan CMS Workstation, you will notice that a folder is provided for each of your managed sites. Items deleted from your websites are moved into the respective folder within the Recycle Bin. Items which are subsequently deleted from the recycle bin are permanently removed from the system and cannot be retrieved.

When an item moves into the Recycle Bin, its workflow and display security settings are maintained with the discarded item. This makes it possible to completely restore a recycled item without losing any relevant information or configuration. The Recycle Bin is also constrained to the same authorization rules as other folders in Titan CMS, meaning that author/editors that could not see the document before it was deleted will also not be able to view the document while located in the Recycle Bin. If an item with an open Workflow is moved into the Recycle Bin, the Workflow will be canceled.

While an item is in the Recycle Bin, authorized users will be able to view the item, its properties and its history. However, certain security features (Tags and Display Security) are Site dependent and cannot be viewed. Items within the Recycle Bin cannot be saved and cannot be copied. New items cannot be created within the Recycle Bin.


Restoring deleted content items from the Recycle Bin is accomplished from the Web Content Management module in the Titan CMS Workstation.

  1. Expand the Recycle Bin node in the navigation tree.
  2. Locate the deleted item you wish to restore by expanding the Globe, File Pile, or Events node that represents the original location of the item that was deleted.
  3. Locate and select the item to be restored, and click the Move button in the main toolbar.
  4. Using the Move dialog, select the new destination for the item you wish to restore, providing any of the pertinent Move To options.

Save and Publish Options

Skip Workflow - Checking this setting will move the items without invoking workflow. Use this option if you are moving large numbers of items. If you are moving only a small amount consider using the setting, "Complete Workflow," to leave a better document history trail.

Complete Workflow Immediately - Checking this setting will invoke a Publish and one or more Approve Workflow Steps after the items have been moved. That is, after the move has completed, the documents will be fully published, approved, and, if appropriate, active on the website. Leaving this setting unchecked will leave the items in a saved, but not published state.

Publish Immediately - Checking this setting will invoke a Publish Workflow Step after the items have been moved. If you don't check this setting, the changes will be made, workflow will be started, but the items will remain unpublished.

Security Options

Preserve original security settings - By checking this setting, you are requesting that the workflow and security settings of the source item are preserved.