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How to Integrate Google Webmaster Tools

  • Published: October 29, 2008
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  • Updated: April 01, 2013
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  • Version: 3

Google offers a powerful free tool to help Webmasters make their websites more Google –friendly. This article explains how to enable your website to benefit from the validation and diagnosis capabilities provided through Google Webmaster Tools.


It is easy to argue the success of your website is tied to how visible your site is to Google users. According to various sources of market share information, Google accounts for almost 80% of search engine requests globally. By learning how to improve your search rankings and the effectiveness of specific keywords on your site, you will be better equipped to make changes to your content that will result in increased site visibility by Google.

In addition to their powerful, free traffic analysis tools, targeted primarily at website marketing professionals, Google offers a set of free utilities to Webmasters to help them improve site visibility to Google users. The Google Webmaster Tools can be leveraged on Titan CMS sites by inserting the verification metatag onto your website’s homepage. This tag identifies you as the owner of your website, and gives you access to comprehensive statistics and crawl information for your website. You can then create and submit an XML Sitemap, natively and dynamically generated by Titan CMS, to help Google know about all the pages on your site, including the pages that may not be discoverable by Google's normal crawling process

Google provides a great deal of information on how to leverage these tools, and several resources are available on the Internet to learn more about how to successfully use Google Webmaster Tools to improve your website visibility.


Configure Verification Tag

The Titan Administration module gives you the flexibility to specify code snippets that can be placed in the HEAD section of your pages. To verify ownership of the website to Google Webmaster Tools, the placement of a verification meta tag is required on the homepage. This tag can be added to the by making a configuration change in Titan Administration.

  1. Login to your Titan CMS Workstation as a webmaster or administrative user.
  2. Switch to the Titan Administration module.
  3. Go to the configuration screen for the Page Layouts in your specific Globe under the Content Sites node.
  4. Add the Google Webmaster Tools verification metatag at the end of the Pre-Titan Metatags/Code Snippets textarea for the Homepage Page Layout used on your website.

    <meta name="verify-v1" content="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" />
  5. Save the Page Layout changes and Refresh Site State.

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