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How to Create a New Website

  • Published: January 19, 2009
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Titan CMS offers the ability to manage content for multiple websites through the same administrative interface. This article describes how to add a new website in Titan CMS.


As part of the initial installation of Titan CMS, a website globe is created for you to begin adding and managing content. In addition, a corresponding website is added to the Internet Information Server (IIS) framework that is responsible for the presentation of your website content. The intent of this article is to provide instruction for adding new websites for content management in the workstation. Please refer to Adding New Sites to IIS for information on preparing IIS to present the new content managed website.


Important: In order to add new websites in Titan CMS, you must login to the Workstation as an Administrator-level user, including members of the CMS Admins or Webmasters groups.

  1. Login to your Titan CMS Workstation as a webmaster or administrative user.
  2. Switch to the “Titan Administration” module.
  3. Select the “Content Sites” node in the left hand navigation menu.
  4. Click the New button in the toolbar area of Titan Administration. A new window will display.
  5. In the new window, enter a name for the new site in the "New Site Name" field. The user now has the option to clone a site, or to create a new site.
    - To clone an existing site, choose an existing site from the list. Cloning a site results in inheriting all the characteristics of the original site, such as Page Layouts, CSS files, block, etc. Cloning does include any automatic creation of content.
    - If the user chooses to create a brand new site, they will have to load new page layouts, CSS files, etc.
    Click the OK button to create the globe.
  6. The basic global variables will now display for the newly created globe. It is recommended that the following variables be set at this point:
    - Default Site Logo
    - Default Logo Alt Text
    - Default Search Page
    - Content Footer Text
    These variables do not need to be changed if the user cloned another globe and prefers to keep the existing settings. Refer to the inline help notes for each global variable to determine the purpose of each value.
  7. Once the new globe is created in Titan CMS, the user can add items such as page layouts, CSS files, and blocks to the new globe from the Titan Administration area of the system.
    Note: If the user cloned an existing globe, they will have the ability to select which page layouts and CSS files they would like to be active or inactive for the new globe.
  8. Save any configuration changes, and Refresh the Site State. Then navigate from "Titan Administration" to "Web Content Entry". The new globe will be available in the left navigation menu. The user is now able to add new pages and content to the new globe.
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