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How to Link Directly to Events

  • Published: November 05, 2009
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  • Updated: April 01, 2013
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  • Version: 2

Titan's Event Calendar database allows you to publish events to the system and display them using a Calendar Block. In addition, it's possible to configure Titan CMS to handle friendly URLs for events, linking to them from content, emails, and list blocks.


By default, Titan CMS displays calendar items using the Calendar Block. This block allows the author to create a page with a calendar, filters, keyword searching, etc. displaying a full calendar interface. Often, it's helpful to maintain your calendar items with SEO-friendly URLs that display the event details in the calendar when hit. This can be done by configuring the event database in Titan Administration to point to the calendar page for the site. Once completed, the SEO-friendly Event URLs will display in the calendar and look like individual pages.


Get the DocID for your Calendar Page

Before you can configure Event URL handling, you need the DocID of the page that will display the calendar pages. This is typically your event/calendar page on your website.

As shown (right), you can hover the Events page to retrieve the DocID. In this case, it is 126.


Configure Calendar Internal Display File

  • Go to the Titan Administration Module
  • Expand the "Data Sites" node
  • Select the Event Data Site to be configured
  • In the pane, scroll down to the "Internal Display File" entry. By default, it is:
  • Update the setting to be:

  • where 999 is the DocID you notes above

  • Save your changes and Update the Site State  for your workstation and website.

  • Insert a link to your event, or create a list block that points to events. When clicked, it should now be displayed by the calendar page.