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Titan CMS uses a WYSIWYG -“what you see is what you get” editor for entering and editing content in the workstation. Non-technical users can author, edit, and "own" their content instead of submitting change-requests to a webmaster.

The Titan CMS blocks WYSIWYG editor allows you to type directly into a block or copy and paste your textual content. Content displayed during editing appears very similar to the final content output. Most of your site's content will be added using the Freeform block, but the WYSIWYG editor is also used in the Forms Editor, FAQ blocks and Commenting and Rating.


The Freeform Block provides a WYSIWYG editing toolbar, containing tool icons that are similar to those used in popular word processing software. These tools allow the editor to access key features:

New Features

  • NEW - Editor floats and can be positioned anywhere in the browser
  • NEW - Template button allows for quickly adding common content layout code
  • NEW - Flowplayer button allows you to quickly and easily add video and audio to your content block


Classic Features

  • Cut, Copy and Paste Clipboard
  • Paste from Microsoft Word (this helps prevent formatting conflicts)
  • Link Manager: Add internal, external, file, email or anchor links to a web page
  • Image Picker: Add a graphic image to your content and control how it is presented on the web page
  • Table Editor
  • Font and Fill Color Picker
  • CSS Style and Format Selector
  • Font controls: Font Style, Size and Bold, Italic and Underline Attributes
  • Common Formatting Tools: Bullets, Numbering, Justification and Special Characters


Common Uses

  • Any time written content needs to be added, edited, or removed
  • Add video and audio to your content
  • Use templates for quicker, and more consistent presentation 
  • Creation of Calls to Action containing descriptions or quotes
  • When enhancements to content are needed, such as images, links and tables

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