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Titan CMS SmartSearch transforms the way our clients provide search results on their public web sites, intranets and extranets.  SmartSearch automatically captures and tracks search words that site visitors use to query your site and the results they recieved during that search request.  You can quickly identify areas of need and target content for those search requests by mapping keywords (and their common misspellings) to hand picked pages, files, or events in your site.

SmartSearch harvests information on your internal searches and allows webmasters to:

  • Easily identify the most popular searches, exposing content needs within a website
  • Analyze the effectiveness of search results for common keywords
  • Improve results by injecting targeted (or featured) results
  • Fine-tune targeted content by writing custom descriptions and titles
  • Give preference to specific content by arranging the order of results
  • Record visitor searches and the pages clicked on from the search page

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