Sharepoint MOSS 2007 for Public Sites

Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS 2007) is Microsoft's answer to the plethora of Content Management needs out in the wild. Clearly, MOSS is a great collaboration platform for document collaboration and busines process automation. But I agree with CMS Watch that Sharepoint is not well-suited for Public Website management. 

I've implemented Sharepoint, Vignette, ePrise, and many other Content Management Systems, and while I'll recommend Sharepoint in a highly collaborative environment, I feel more "old school" web management systems provide a more manageable interface to manage medium to enterprise websites.

Indeed you can do anything with Sharepoint. My point is that you shouldn't have to work that hard to do the simple things.

Video: Comparing Titan CMS to Microsoft Sharepoint adding a What's New List
A common, simple request for a public website is to present a self-managing What's New list. The "out of the box" solution for Sharepoint leaves something to be desired.