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Segmented Search

The Segmented Search Results block takes searching your site to a new level. The Segmented Search Block allows you to focus the power of metadata content searching and the power of Titan CMS SmartSearch to all your website assets - such as pages, files, pictures, videos, events and products - and display them in keyword and filter-driven groups.

The powerful filtering feature allows filtering by asset type as well as tags and attributes. Segmented Search results can be configured to return various combinations of asset searching groups - and each "mini-search" group source is configurable seperately - allowing for greater flexibility and search result targeting.


  • Supports searches on standard metadata fields defined for pages, files, events, and products in Titan CMS
  • Supports grouping of assets
  • Powerful asset type filtering as well as keyword search
  • "Did you mean... ?" spellchecking on search terms
  • Uniquely styled targeted results from SmartSearch
  • Highly configurable editor for flexible asset search targeting
  • Automatic pagination for large result sets
  • Teaser text and images can be added simply

Common Uses

  • Organic site search of all assets (pages, files, events, products)
  • Subsite searching of targeted metadata indexes
  • Sitewide global search of assets
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