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Product Block

The Product block creates a virtual catalog of products that can be organized and displayed in a variety of ways. The Product block editor allows you to create detailed product entries and tag them for easy grouping and filtering. The Product block list displays your products - based on your choice of criteria - in a highly configurable display. Users can search by keyword, or filter by product attributes to narrow down the choices.



When a user wants to see more detail about an item, they simply click the link and are quickly shown the product detail. Product details can include pictures, descriptions, pricing information, availablity, item number and much more. Because you configure the information that is displayed in both the list and detail modes - the Product block is the perfect solution for any type of product or service.



  • Product descriptions using a WYSIWYG editor
  • Multiple image display per product
  • Search, filter, and sort results
  • Configure list and detail display separately
  • Fields for SKU, part number, item number, manufacturer link, and many more
  • Integrated with Commenting and Ratings
  • Highly flexible grouping and organization of products
  • Integrated with Segmented Search

Common Uses

  • Products
  • Services
  • Integrate with Shopping Cart



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