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The Filter block automatically displays a list of page, file, and event links based on user-provided keywords and tag selections. Driven primarily by the Filter/Tag/Classification Engine in Titan CMS, this block is a powerful and easy way to automate dynamic, in-context navigation on pages. The list can include descriptive text and images when displayed.

Filter Block Demonstation



  • Displays an aggregate list of various content types (files, events, and pages)
  • Can limit filtered items to those that are flagged as "What's New"
  • Supports pre-filtering and manual sorting of aggregated items
  • Integrates with the site search results to apply search term as a keyword filter
  • Allows site visitors to re-filter based on keyword entry or tag selection
  • Supports standard Submit-style and AJAX-enabled filtering
  • Page Name and Read More links are generated dynamically
  • Teaser text and images can be added simply

Common Uses

  • Featured Content presentation
  • Cross-content marketing
  • Document library searching
  • Product catalog searching
  • Video playlists
  • Sub navigation within your site


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Titan CMS Classification and Tagging allows you to filter pages, documents, and other data, and display them on a page.


Workflow and Page History with Rollback allows managers to delegate day-to-day content management while still controlling final approval.

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