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Oilgear – A Fresh Approach To The World


About Oilgear

Since 1921, the world’s most demanding applications have relied on Oilgear high-performance fluid power solutions. Founded on a tradition of bringing only the most advanced engineering to their customers, Oilgear continues to set the standard in industries requiring precise, high-performance systems…often operating in the harshest of environments. Oilgear continually strives to live up to this standard in the products they manufacture and the services they provide.

Oilgear is a worldwide fluid technology provider, with a focus on integrated hydraulic/electric systems, large press retrofits and detailed and hi-tech solutions. With over 750 employees, Oilgear provides engineered solutions in the United States, Europe and Asia.

As a global corporation, the Oilgear Company provides fully-integrated manufacturing, service and training facilities in Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Spain, the United Kingdom, China, and the United States of America, as well as sales engineering support in more than 50 countries.

Oilgear works with a variety of customers in mobile, civil, forging, SMC, aerospace, extrusion, wood product, and oil field applications. It profits in a niche market manufacturing hydraulic pumps, valves, manifolds, motors, controls and related equipment, always maintaining a primary mission of complete customer satisfaction. At Oilgear, we are the world’s fluid power experts.

The Challenge

The Oilgear Company needed to match that physical edge with a newly designed and effective website presence. Coupled with the Northwoods creative design services and the Titan CMS platform, the new site was developed to be an easy access portal for field service, repairs, upgrades, retrofits, as well as, training and technical documentation.

The Titan Solution

With the backbone of Titan CMS, the Oilgear team is able to tap the many inherent tools to:

  • Enable the site to be easily updated and managed by internal staff.
  • Use Titan’s Classification and Tagging tools to build a classification system that makes sense for the types of documents and pages to be managed on the site.
  • Rely on the Titan File library to build a logical file system for documents and other site assets.
  • Design a four-column presentation style to be used in conjunction with Titan’s Filter Block.
  • Use display-side filtering to give site users a way to choose document tags and generate lists of resulting document and page links.


The Solution

Using the tools already inherent in Titan CMS without the need for custom coding.

Successful Results

Visitors to the Oilgear site can now easily locate the source of reference materials by clicking the Technical Library link in the top navigation of all site pages. Once there, they use display-side filtering to choose any combination of Classifications and Tags that pertain to their topic of interest. As choices are made by the site visitor, the list of resulting document and page links is auto-refreshed to accommodate those choices. Maintenance of this solution requires ongoing Classification and Tagging of new pages and documents as they are introduced to the site. See it for yourself! Additionally the Oilgear Distributor Locator uses the same Northwoods’ Titan CMS Filter Block.