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Milwaukee Teachers Education Association


About Milwaukee Teachers Education Association

The Milwaukee Teachers Education Association is a labor union representing 8,000 teachers, educational assistants, substitute teachers and bookers and accountants employed by Milwaukee Public Schools.  The Milwaukee Teachers Education Association is a local affiliate of the Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) and the National Education Association (NEA).

The Challenge

The Milwaukee Teachers Education Association came to Northwoods with a classic content management challenge. The association wanted a current and dynamic web site to support the necessary communication to their association members. Yet web site updates required expensive and awkward interactions with their web development partner.

The Titan Solution

Northwoods recommended a re-design and implementation of Titan CMS in order to develop a web site that was effective and easy to keep up to date. In addition to the normal requirements of a great web site; being user friendly, easily navigable, as well as using appropriate fonts, colors, and other design elements, an association like Milwaukee Teachers Education Association needed more. Milwaukee Teachers Education Association needed a calendar of events that could support multiple audiences.  The Milwaukee Teachers Education Association also had a need to make contract information easily accessible to its 8000 members.

Both of these unique association requirements were handled with Titan CMS base functionality. The robust and attractive calendar of events is easily updated by association staff and supports different audiences within their association. Furthermore, Titan CMS manages large repositories of information, in this case complex contract documents that can be easily sorted and filtered to support multiple audiences searching for information in various ways.

Successful Results

Today the Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association has reduced the cost and time associated with maintaining information on their web site while significantly increasing the amount of information as well as the ease of finding information. The contract search feature has decreased the time and effort of distributing information while improving the access to contract information simultaneously.

Milwaukee Teachers Education Association  

The basic functions of the Titan system are relatively easy to learn and our staff has caught on quickly.  As a result, our web site is much fresher in content and most importantly, it frees me up to handle more extensive projects that I rarely had time to pursue before.

Kris Collet
Communications/Legislative Specialist
Milwaukee Teachers Education Association