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Jefferson Wells Knowledge Center


About Jefferson Wells

Jefferson Wells delivers professional services in the areas of Internal Audit, Technology Risk Management, Tax, and Finance and Accounting. Their professional staff serve clients, including Fortune 500 and Global 1000 Companies, through highly experienced professionals working from offices across North America and Europe. Jefferson Wells’ professional staff has extensive experience in a variety of industries, including: automotive, business services, communications, construction, education, energy and utilities, financial services, government, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, retail, technology and manufacturing. Jefferson Wells is an independently operating, wholly-owned subsidiary of Manpower Inc. (NYSE: MAN)

The Challenge

Jefferson Wells purchased Titan as a CMS platform for their newly-designed corporate website. One of the most important and challenging goals for the new site was to develop a solution for managing an ever-growing library of professional reference materials. Finding a way to get site visitors to the information they are looking for, in a logical fashion, was the mission. In addition, Jefferson Wells needed to establish an organized file library that would grow with their business and provide an ongoing solution for document management.

The Titan Solution

Because of the decision to deploy Titan CMS, the Jefferson Wells team already had a strong set of tools on which to rely. Working together, Jefferson Wells and the folks at Northwoods Software determined that a solution could be formed by:

  • Using Titan’s Classification and Tagging tools to build a classification system that made sense for the types of documents and pages to be managed on the site.                                                             
  • Appropriately tagging the documents and site pages while building the site.
  • Relying on the Titan File library to build a logical file system for documents and other site assets.
  • Designing a four-column presentation style to be used in conjunction with Titan’s Filter Block.
  • Using display-side filtering to give site users a way to choose document tags and generate lists of resulting document and page links.

The solution involved using the CMS tools already inherent in Titan, without the need for custom coding.

Successful Results

Visitors to the Jefferson Wells site can now easily locate the source of reference materials by clicking the Knowledge Center link in the top navigation of all site pages.

Once there, they use display-side filtering to choose any combination of Classifications and Tags that pertain to their topic of interest.

As choices are made by the site visitor, the list of resulting document and page links is auto-refreshed to accommodate those choices.

Maintenance of this solution requires ongoing Classification and Tagging of new pages and documents as they are introduced to the site. In addition, the Jefferson Wells web staff maintains a clean documentation library to support their need to organize large numbers of reference documents.

All in all, a very reasonable solution to a perplexing problem. See it for yourself!